Reavers Lodge

Reavers Lodge

Hotel Rating : 3 Star
Location Rating : 6.5/10
Location : Queenstown CBD

Reavers Lodge Overview

Reavers Lodge is the perfect spot for groups of friends on a ski or mountain bike trip. It’s a rack em and stack em type of place where most of the rooms have bunks. It’s really a hard core snowboarders haunt. It’s not close to the centre of town, but it’s great for a long stay on a low budget. They have their own ski and board rental which is super handy. This is some of the most affordable accommodation in Queenstown.

There’s rooms here for 2, 3 , 4 or 6. So it’s really economical if your travelling in a group, but it can be a little awkward if one of you hooks up as the beds are pretty close together. They also have some self contained units if you like to cook while on holiday. It’s roughly a 15 minute walk to town, longer on the way back especially if you’re drunk.


There’s a cafe and bar and site with meals and prices to suit the clientele (hungry but broke young snowboarders). There’s a pool table, a fire place and a great deck so this place has a relaxed but fun vibe in all seasons.


It’s full of young people, many of whom like to get drunk and have a good time. That’s a positive if you’re one of them, but if it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then try somewhere else.

Address : 56 Hamilton Road, Queenstown 9300

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