Heartland Hotel Queenstown

Heartland Hotel Queenstown is a nice cheap 3 star hotel

Hotel Rating : 3 Star
Location Rating : 8/10
Location : Queenstown CBD

Heartland Hotel Queenstown Overview

Heartland Hotel Queenstown is a well located, reasonably priced 3 star hotel. It’s a bit of a hike up the hill from town, but not to far and most people will be fine walking here from town. It’s also a great advertisement for good photography as the rooms look better online than in person, however it’s a budget hotel in a very expensive town and it’s well located so if you want something nice spend more. Don’t book a cheap 3 star hotel and then complain about it. Also if you want the best experience upgrade your room. The cheapest ones are in the basement/dungeon. The photos are of the higher priced rooms. If you’re a young, poor, and drunk then just book the cheapest room, but otherwise spend a little more. Also there is no lift so expect to carry your stuff upstairs if your on a higher floor. This is great for a budget ski holiday.

The rooms are a reasonable size, theres actually quite a variety so check hen booking. But they range from 27 metres square to 50 metres square for a triple.


Hillside brasserie is open for breakfast and dinner daily. The breakfast is a great way to start your day. The lobby bar has an all day menu for lunch.


It’s a 3 star hotel and it’s far from new. The photos look better than the harsh light of day. Some of the rooms are a little bit dungeon like. It’s not far from town though, and it’s not a backpackers. You can bring your family here and have a great Queenstown holiday without completely bankrupting yourself.

Address : 27 Stanley Street, Queenstown 9300

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