Mi-pad Queenstown

Mi-pad Hotel Cheap accommodation in Queenstown.

Hotel Rating : 4 Star
Location Rating : 8/10
Location : Queenstown CBD

Mi-pad Queenstown Overview

Mi-pad Smart hotel is indeed smart; it makes the most of its small footprint and location. You could say it’s the perfect hotel for couples on a budget. It’s nicely furnished with some great shared spaces, like the fantastic rooftop terrace with stunning views, the dining area, and the lounge. Of course, this isn’t the place for your wedding night, but it’s well priced and is suitable for a romantic couples getaway, especially for younger couples who can’t afford Blanket Bay or even the Hilton.

Rooms at Mi-pad Queenstown are tiny but lovely. At only 16 sqm, you’d think they would be awful, but they are not. They’re well designed and only have what you need. It’s a super modern hotel, so it has bedside charging ports for all your essential devices, and there’s an app to turn down the lighting and turn up the romance. It has vending machines instead of a restaurant, but there are great spaces to eat if you want to bring food back to the hotel. And it’s central, located right in the heart of Queenstown, so of course, there are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby.


Yeah nah. Your dining options at Mi-pad are go out, get take out, or eat out of a vending machine. They have free coffee machines on every floor and great spaces to eat any food you bring back to the hotel.


Did we mention the tiny rooms? If you don’t pack light, you’ll struggle to fit too much luggage in the space available. But while the room may be small, it’s well thought out, well furnished, well located, and well priced. The lack of a restaurant shouldn’t be an issue as long as it’s not a surprise. There’s also no hotel parking, but the staff can tell you all the best spots, and what they cost. Reviews here are almost entirely positive which is quite a feat given the small rooms, this is a real credit to the management and the staff.

Address : 4 Henry Street, Queenstown 9348

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