The Dairy Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels

The Dairy Private Hotel Queenstown

Hotel Rating : 4 Star
Location Rating : 8.5/10
Location : Queenstown CBD

The Dairy Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels Overview

The Dairy Private Hotel by Naumi is quirky, like a cross between an opium den, an old fashioned brothel, and a hotel. I mean that in the nicest possible way. You’ll either find it romantic, sexy, perhaps even a little kinky, or you’ll hate the style all together. If you’re into cosplay you’ll probably enjoy this hotel.The location is really central. It’s really only suitable for couples.

The rooms here are not just small they are tiny. As small as 15 sqm. Naumi call it delightfully cosy – but I’d say cramped. They even suggest it’s most suitable for solo travellers. Oasis rooms are 19 sqm and the Junior Suite is still only 22 sqm. That is really small, like ‘where the hell am I supposed to put my stuff’ small.


There’s no restaurant at The Dairy, but they do a great breakfast. They also have happy hour in the lounge from 5pm to 6pm and have whisky tasting in the den.


There is an outdoor Hot Tub.


Kids under 12 are not allowed here. Wait is that a negative? Not if you’ve left your kids at home and are looking for some adult time. The room size is really to small. The Junior suite is the size of a regular hotel room. On the plus size it’s well furnished in the communal spaces. If you use them you’ll enjoy the hotel more. I’m not sure the great location and fancy wallpaper quite justify the price, but for a short romantic weekend it’s fine. If you come here for a romantic weekend get yourself some underwear that matches the decor and go all in on the cosplay style. If you look past the decor and fancy wall paper and see it as an old corner store (dairy) and attached owners cottage you’ll shatter the illusion and lose the romance. You have to want to believe.

Address : 21 Brecon Street, Queenstown 9300

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