Heritage Queenstown

Heritage Queenstown

Hotel Rating : 4 Star
Location Rating : 8.5/10
Location : Fernhill

Heritage Queenstown Overview

Heritage Queenstown is a large older 4 star hotel, perfect for a middle class family holiday or a group of friends on a ski trip. They’ll let you pack up to 8 people into a 2 bedroom suite which is great for a party of snowboarders, or a family (as long as you’re not in the room next to the party of snowboarders). It’s got a great heated indoor outdoor pool so you can swim year round, and a hot tub. Heritage is a little out of town, it’s a 4 minute drive, or pleasant 20 minute walk away from Ferg Burger (The center of Queenstown).

The rooms are a little bit tired so if you’re fussy and expect everything to be perfect, this isn’t the best choice but it does offer perfectly nice accommodation at a pretty reasonable price. The staff are friendly and the location is good for the price, with nice lake views from some rooms. The larger rooms have kitchenettes.


Mackenzies Restaurant and bar offers a pretty average buffet breakfast, and due to covid isn’t open for lunch, and only partially open for dinner (bar menu only).


Heritage Queenstown’s a mid range 4 star hotel, if you’re hoping for better you’ll be disappointed. However for the typical New Zealand family it’ll be just fine.

Address : 91 Fernhill Road, Queenstown 9300

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