Minaret Station Alpine Lodge

Minaret Station Alpine Lodge evening
Secluded and romantic Minaret Station Alpine Lodge

Hotel Rating : 5 Star
Location Rating : 10/10
Location : Wanaka

Minaret Station Alpine Lodge Overview

Minaret Station is where you want to be when the apocalypse happens. It’s a super luxury lodge that’s only accessible by helicopter. This really helps keep out the riff raff as it literally costs thousands of dollars just to get there. If you blink at the cost of the helicopter then you can’t afford the lodge. Presuming you can afford it this place is another world, frankly a better world. The stunning lodge is built in a glacial U shaped valley. They can organise pretty much any outdoor activity and manage to involve a helicopter in most of them. Heli-fishing, heli-skiing, heli-biking, even a picnic can involve a helicopter at Minaret Station. This truly is one of the most secluded luxury lodges anywhere in the world.

The Lodge itself is sensational. There’s only 4 Chalets so it is super private. Your 60 square metre deluxe double room is tastefully furnished in that rustic rod and gunn style. Just think billionaire fishing and hunting lodge, because frankly that’s what it is. Each room has its own deck with a hot tub. A fireplace and sitting room, plus a huge bed.

Minaret Station Luxury Alpine Lodge Lounge

Minaret Station Dining

Minaret Station Restaurant

Mountain Kitchen is connected to the 4 Chalets by boardwalks. Everything you eat as well as selected beverages are included at Minaret Station. You can choose to dine wherever you like, in the library, Mountain Kitchens dining room, your deck, or in your chalet. I’m sure they’d even serve you dinner in your hot tub if you asked.


Literally nothing. I can’t even fault the price for the experience Minaret Station offers its guests. If you can afford to come here then you really have to do it.

Address : Middle of nowhere.

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