Cheap & Cheerful 3 Star Hotels in Queenstown

Shotover Street Queenstown at Dusk

If you’re trying to do Queenstown on a budget, these cheap 3-star hotels are just what you need.

We’re not all rich, but don’t worry, you can do Queenstown on the cheap. We’ll sort of. Let’s face it, it’s never going to be the cheapest holiday. Still, with these fabulous cheap hotels, your budget will go a lot further, so you can stay longer and do more while you’re in Queenstown.

  • Mi-pad Queenstown
    Mi-pad Smart hotel is indeed smart; it makes the most of its small footprint and location. You could say it’s the perfect hotel for couples on a budget. It’s nicely furnished with some great shared spaces, like the fantastic rooftop terrace with stunning views, the dining area, and the lounge. Of course, this isn’t the place for your wedding night, but it’s well priced and is suitable for a romantic couples getaway, especially for younger couples who can’t afford Blanket Bay or even the Hilton.
  • Cardrona Hotel
    Like something straight out of a beer commercial, this postcard-perfect historic pub hotel is an icon of the Queenstown region. As much a pub and restaurant as it is accommodation, the food and atmosphere in the bar are excellent. And the accommodations pretty decent for a 3-star country hotel too. So don’t just stop to take a photo of this iconic Hotel. Stay a night or two and experience its charms.
  • New Orleans Hotel
    New Orleans Hotel is a genuine country pub hotel. Built in 1866 it got the kind of history you can only earn. Don’t worry they gave the place a bit of a spruce up in 2019 so the rooms don’t look like they are for gold miners anymore. The food and the pub are great by any measure. The hotel is a great price.
  • Shotover Lodge
    Shotover Lodge is really cheap (for Queenstown) and not at all unpleasant. Located in Arthurs Point just over the road from Nugget Point this 3-star hotel is popular with younger folks on a tight budget. It’s a 10 minute drive to the center of Queenstown. And it’s on the way to Coronet Peak so perfect for a ski holiday.
  • Wyndham Garden Queenstown
    Wyndham Garden Queenstown was new in 2018 so it’s still in reasonable condition. It basically exists to provide small cheap rooms near the airport. If that’s what you want it’s great. If you’re a tourist wanting the Queenstown experience then spend a little more and stay closer to town. It has some great views of the Remarkables from some rooms.
  • Reavers Lodge
    Reavers Lodge is the perfect spot for groups of friends on a ski or mountain bike trip. It’s a rack em and stack em type of place where most of the rooms have bunks. It’s really a hard core snowboarders haunt. It’s not close to the centre of town, but it’s great for a long stay on a low budget. They have their own ski and board rental which is super handy. This is some of the most affordable accommodation in Queenstown.
  • Swiss-Belresort Coronet Peak
    Perfect for young snowboarders or skiers looking to have fun. It’s cheap and basic. It has everything you need for a ski trip – a bed, a basic small bathroom, and a bar. They also got a bowling alley and it’s without a doubt the best hotel bowling alley in all of Queenstown. This really close to Coronet Peak, so great if you want to make first tracks in the morning. But no so good if you want to pop into town. It’s also great for mountain bikers in summer.
  • Heartland Hotel Queenstown
    Heartland Hotel Queenstown is a well located, reasonably priced 3 star hotel. It’s a bit of a hike up the hill from town, but not to far and most people will be fine walking here from town. It’s also a great advertisement for good photography as the rooms look better online than in person, however it’s a budget hotel in a very expensive town and it’s well located so if you want something nice spend more.

We really think we’ve found the most affordable accommodation in Queenstown, so you can have the time of your life.

What to look for when choosing a cheap hotel in Queenstown?
If you’re looking to enjoy Queenstown on the cheap then you’ll want to either find a hotel in walking distance of town, or find one with a free shuttle bus. Otherwise you can end up spending more money on drunken ubers than you would have spent getting a hotel in the centre of town. There’s actually plenty of buses which are a cheap way to get around by day, but when you are heading home after a night out will you wait for the bus? If not you should think about getting a cheap hotel in town.

You’ll need to weigh up how nice the hotel is against the location, and the views. You are not going to find a cheap hotel in the centre of Queenstown with great views.