Fun things to do in Queenstown with sullen teenagers

Teenager Ziplining in Queenstown

These fun activities in Queenstown will lift the mood of even the moodiest teenager

Queenstown is one of the most exciting small cities in the world. There are so many fun things to do it’s hard to know where to start, but I know how it is; your teenagers are driving you up the wall, and you need to find something that will entertain them, so here goes…

Teenage Activities Queenstown has to offer.

The Playground

The Playground is the perfect place for a large group of teens. Or for some family fun. Ideally you’ll need a decent size group to make the most of it though. Activities on offer at The Playground are Human Foosball, Archery Combat (jThink Hunger Games nut with foam tipped arrows), Bubble Soccer, Paintball, and a Ropes Course. It’s a seriously good time, they forget all about that teenage angst for an hour or two.

Bungy Jumping

We’ve all wanted to push our teenagers off a bridge at least once. At Kawarau Bridge Bungy you can. And it’s freaking huge. 43m high. You can even do a tandem jump and throw them both off together. Or jump with them so you can see the fear in their eyes. Just don’t let them see you’re shitting yourself too. This is the original home of Bungy Jumping but your teen won’t care about that. They’ll just want to make a tik tok about it.

Kawarau Zipride

Is your teen not quite brave enough to Bungy Jump, but still looking for an seriously adrenaline inducing activity? If so Kawarau Zipride is perfect. It’s a 130m long zipline that will get you, and your teen up to speeds of over 60kph. They’ll piss themselves with excitement, and you might too.

Mountain Carting

Head across to Cardrona and take your teenagers mountain carting. Just be aware if they grew up playing Mario Kart you’re doomed to lose. You will have an awesome time though. You take your carts up the ski lift and then race down the ski trails back to the start. Sold in a 2 hour session, you can cart as many runs as you can fit into two hours. There’s 3 tracks to keep things different. Billed as the coolest activity in NZ. It’s certainly up there. Do it for the gram.

Queenstown Luge

All teenagers love the luge. And it helps teach them safe driving, there’s nothing like an enormous luge crash to impart some wisdom. Whether you’ve got a whole gang of teenagers to entertain or just one the luge will do the trick. As an added bonus you get to go up the Skyline Gondola which they will no doubt pretend they are too cool to enjoy, but you’ll probably see it on their instagram before you get back to your family hotel.

Ziptrek Ecotours

Ziptrek is a great way to spend a day in Queenstown. You can spend several hours and several hundred dollars on a full tour. Or if your teenagers are like mine, you skip all that eco shit and just go straight to the steepest fastest zipline in the world and bomb that hill at speeds of up to 70 kph. Hell yeah.

Heli Mountain Biking

Family with teenage children Heli Biking in Queenstown

If you like mountain biking and aren’t afraid to drop wads of cash on entertaining your teenagers, then heli mountain biking is just what you need. This will be an epic day that your teens will actually be old enough to remember for ever. So whip out your credit card and book it now.

Shotover Jet

We never said anything about this being a list of cheap things to do did we. Entertaining teenagers is an expensive business. But they will be thrilled by the Shotover Jet. Everyone LOVES it. Look at all those excited happy faces. Shotover Jet is great fun for teens and adults alike.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is serious family fun. It’s more suited to teenagers than younger kids. Book yourself in with with Off Road Adventures they use proper sport quads not old farm quads. Your teens will love getting the wheels spinning and flicking mud all over each other and you. The scenery is amazing and this is a really fun way to see it.

Horse Trekking

If your teenagers are girls then they probably like horses. Even if they pretend they grown out of it. They’ll love High Country Horses horse treks. You will to. I hate horses and I badly want to do this. In fact it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Help your teen tick it off their list.

Ferg Burger

If you’ve got teenage boys you’ll know they are never not hungry. Fergburger will actually fill that void – maybe only for an hour or two, but they will be full. This place is amazing, people want to hate it because it’s so popular but then they taste it and it’s even better than they’ve heard. Totally worth waiting in line for.

Regardless of whether you live in Queenstown or your just visiting for the school holidays there’s plenty of fun activities for teens.See all Hotels in Queenstown