Romantic Hotels for Couples in Queenstown

Romantic Queenstown

Everyone needs a romantic getaway in Queenstown.

Rekindle that spark with some quality time for two in a romantic hotel. Imagine yourself and your partner sipping bubbles in a hot tub while you admire the view. Or dining on a terrace overlooking the lake, snow-capped mountains in the distance, no kids, no dishes to do, no school uniforms to wash. Relax and enjoy each other’s company. Have a few glasses of wine, then see what happens. Maybe take things back to your nice clean hotel room and relive your honeymoon in Queenstown. There’ll be no kids banging on the door. No one you know to hear any noise you make or neighbors to see what you’re up to on that private balcony. And best of all, someone else will clean up the mess you know you’re going to make of that nice clean room.

The most romantic hotels in Queenstown

Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa

Sofitel Queenstown Romantic Hotel suite
Sofitel Queenstown Romantic Hotel suite

If you are looking for a romantic hotel room in the centre of Queenstown you can’t go past Sofitel. The decor is old school french style romance; tasteful and luxurious, with thick heavy curtains. It feels really private, you get the sense you could do anything in this room and no one would ever know. So pack your lingerie, and leave your inhibitions at home. Sofitel Queenstown is pure 5-star romance, perfect for a honeymoon, special occasion, or just a romantic getaway in Queenstown.

Eichardt’s Private Hotel

Romantic Hotel Suite with fireplace in room. Eichardt's Private Hotel in Queenstown.
Romantic Hotel Suite with fireplace in room. Eichardt’s Private Hotel in Queenstown.

The suites at Eichardt’s Private Hotel are designed for indulgence. Every suite has its own fireplace (that photo is a standard room at Eichardt’s). Just imagine the fun you and your partner will have on that sofa after a couple of glasses of wine. The flickering fire softly lighting the room. The snow falling outside the window. What could possibly be more romantic? Perhaps the Penthouse Suite. It has an enormous private rooftop terrace with your own hot tub overlooking the lake.

Whichever room you choose, we promise it will be bliss. Eichardt’s is located right in the middle of downtown Queenstown, on the lake’s edge. It’s easily the best location in town. The rooms are as luxurious as you will find anywhere in the world. The penthouse at Eichardt’s is around 10 grand a night. After all, this is one of the world’s most exclusive small luxury hotels. So if you can afford it and you want to make that honeymoon or romantic getaway unforgettable, then Eichardt’s is the place to make your fantasy a reality.

The Carlin Boutique Hotel

Room with spa at The Carlin Boutique Hotel in Queenstown
Romantic accommodation with jacuzzi at The Carlin Boutique Hotel in Queenstown

Nothing says I love you like booking the most expensive hotel in town. The Carlin is Queenstown’s new 6-star hotel and it is sensationally sexy. The perfect spot for your wedding night, honeymoon, anniversary, or tinder hookup in Queenstown. Each of the luxury suites comes with a private deck with stunning lake views. Oh, and there’s a private hot tub on every deck, plus a gas fireplace. The Carlin Hotel is about as romantic as it gets.

The Spire Hotel

The Spire Hotel romantic room with fireplace
Romantic accommodation with a fireplace at The Spire Hotel, Queenstown.

The Spire Hotel is a luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of Queenstown. Each of the 10 sexy suites has a fireplace and french doors that open up so you can see the bed and the fire from the huge, deep, soaking bathtub. Order a bottle of champagne from room service, and you’ve got yourself a party for two. This is the most intimate hotel in Queenstown.

The rooms are massive at 60 sqm, and the furnishing is incredibly luxurious. Located in the middle of Queenstown’s bustling laneways, this is an excellent location in the heart of town. Some rooms have partial lake views, but this is more of a draw the curtains and enjoy the views inside your room kind of place. The Spire Hotel in Queenstown is the perfect hotel for a wedding anniversary or a sexy getaway with your new lover.

The Rees Hotel

The Rees Hotel Romantic lake view apartment
The Rees Hotel Romantic lake view apartment with fireplace.

The Rees Hotel is located right on Lake Wakatipu, so, of course, it offers stunning romantic lake and mountain views. If you get the correct room, you can view the lake from the bed and, even better, from the bath. So you and your partner can enjoy a stunning Queenstown sunset while you enjoy some sexy time in your room by the fire, in the tub, in the bed, maybe even on the balcony.

The Rees is a popular hotel with couples. It’s luxurious and feels a little bit indulgent but is priced within reach of most New Zealanders. It’s one of our top picks for a romantic break in Queenstown and an excellent choice for a Queenstown honeymoon.

Kamana Lakehouse

Romantic private hot tub at Kamana Lakehouse Hotel Queenstown.
Romantic private hot tub at Kamana Lakehouse Hotel Queenstown.

Kamana Lakehouse has the most romantic hot tubs in Queenstown. I know Onsen Hot Pools is more famous but just look at those views. And, best of all, it’s totally private, so swimsuits are optional. Perfect for a romantic couples getaway.

The hotel has views every bit as good as the views from the hot tub. Just make sure you book a lake view room. The restaurant and bar offer stunning views as well. This is the perfect hotel for couples; regardless of whether the flames of passion are burning bright or you’re trying to reignite the spark, you can’t go wrong at Kamana Lakehouse.

QT Queenstown

QT Queenstown sexy hotel room
QT Queenstown sexy hotel room

QT Queenstown has so many romantic possibilities: the huge bed, the love seat by the window, or outside on the balcony. Come to think of it, the bathroom is pretty sexy too. The tub is super deep and clearly built for two. There’s a great cocktail bar you can get in the mood with a couple of stiff drinks before retiring to the privacy of your room. And there’s a fabulous restaurant where you can enjoy a late breakfast if you’re not too exhausted from the evening’s ‘activities’.

All QT Hotels have a strangely sexy vibe, reminiscent of a masquerade ball, and QT Queenstown is no exception. It’s a place where it feels like anything goes. No one recognises you, no one judges you, and no one will remember what you did. It’s like a lucid dream, so get your freak on and live out your wildest fantasies at QT Queenstown.

Blanket Bay

Blanket Bay Hotel Glenorchy, Queenstown Region
Luxurious and romantic Blanket Bay Lodge, Glenorchy, Queenstown Region

Blanket Bay is perhaps the ultimate couples retreat. Located 35 minutes drive from downtown Queenstown on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. It’s beautiful, quiet, private, and very, very exclusive. Rooms here are not cheap but do include breakfast and dinner.

All the rooms and suites at Blanket Bay have lake and mountain views, and the suites all come with magnificent fireplaces in the bedroom. Blanket Bay is consistently named one of the world’s finest luxury lodges in nearly every publication that matters. It’s quite possibly one of the most romantic hotels on earth, let alone in the Queenstown area. This is the ultimate honeymoon hotel.

Matakauri Lodge

Couples love Matakauri Lodge
Couples love Matakauri Lodge for a romantic getaway in Queenstown

Matakauri Lodge is a romantic retreat less than 10 minutes from Queenstown. All the rooms and suites have stunning lake views and are beautifully furnished with the highest quality fittings.Perfect for your wedding anniversary, honeymoon, or any special occasion.

It’s eye wateringly expensive, but the tariff does include breakfast, dinner, and a free minibar in your room. In addition, all of the suites have their own terrace, so there’s private space for couples to relax and enjoy each others company outdoors. (Get your mind out of the gutter – it’s not quite private enough for that). But it is secluded enough to enjoy a glass of wine, a chat, and perhaps a sneaky handjob if you’re lucky.

Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa

Hilton Queenstown Resort and Spa romantic hotel suite
Hilton Queenstown Resort and Spa romantic hotel suite with a fireplace.

Hilton Queenstown Resort and Spa offers a luxurious experience for any couple. But if you are looking for romance, then the Lake Front King Room with Hot Tub is what you need. You get a very large, very luxurious lakefront room, with an enormous bed AND your own private hot tub overlooking the lake. If the hot tub doesn’t get you wet, you should see a doctor because this is a seriously sexy setup.

Hilton Queenstown is a short ferry ride or a 15-minute drive from the center of Queenstown. The hotel also has an excellent restaurant in Wakatipu Grill. And the magnificent and very romantic Pinot Pit, where you can sit around a roaring fire and sip some of Central Otago’s finest wines, beside the lake under the stars. This is a perfect honeymoon hotel and very reasonably priced by Queenstown standards.

Stoneridge Estate

Stoneridge Estate Honeymoon Cottage
Stoneridge Estate Honeymoon Cottage

Stoneridge Estate is set on a vineyard overlooking a lake. It already sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Stoneridge has a wide range of rooms and suites, but they are all very luxurious and romantic.

However, the most romantic by far is the honeymoon cottage. Located in a separate building, a little apart from the main lodge. Constructed with massive wooden beams, stone, and wrought iron, it feels like your own mini castle. The bedroom has views across Lake Hayes from the enormous bed. The honeymoon cottage also has a lounge area with your own private fireplace. And while Stoneridge has a beautiful infinity pool by the main lodge, you’ll probably have a lot more fun in the large Jacuzzi in the bathroom of your suite. It has the same magnificent outlook as the bedroom, and it’s totally private.

Stoneridge Estate is a popular wedding venue (so popular they have their own chapel). The entire lodge is built for romance.

Millbrook Resort

Millbrook Resort Romantic Studio Accommodation
Millbrook Resort Romantic Queenstown accommodation with a fireplace

Millbrook Resort is 650 acres of stunning views. The grounds are gorgeous, with accommodation spread out around the golf course, offering views in every direction. The studio rooms are 50 sqm of luxury, with a fireplace in the bedroom and your own private balcony, there’s plenty of opportunities for romance. And, if you are bold enough, sneak out onto the golf course at 2am and find yourselves a secluded green; the grass is so soft on your bare skin.

Supposing you don’t get thrown out of the resort for frolicking on the golf course at 2 am. In that case, you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent facilities. These include tennis courts, a lovely indoor pool, a fitness centre, a day spa that offers all manner of pampering, and four excellent dining options on-site. Millbrook Resort is easily one of the most romantic hotels in Queenstown.

Mahu Whenua

Mahu Whenua Romantic Luxury Suite with Spa Bath in Room
Mahu Whenua Romantic Luxury Suite with Spa Bath in Room

Mahu Whenua used to be Shania Twain’s house. But now it’s a super-luxury lodge ready for you and your partner to enjoy. Located in the high country 20 minutes drive from Wanaka. Mahu Whenua is so secluded and private you’ll leave any inhibitions behind in Wanaka. You can become the rock star for a day or two.

If you’re visiting Mahu Whenua with a new lover and want to really spice things up, book the Deluxe King Suite. It has an incredibly romantic tub, easily big enough for two, perhaps even three if your game to try. The tub is right by the window, so you can enjoy the views outside while you’re getting all wet and soapy. This suite also has a large mirror strategically placed so you can see yourselves in the vast bed.

The scenery is breathtaking. This luxurious romantic lodge is everything you could hope for and more. It impressed me much.

Minaret Station Alpine Lodge

Minaret Station Alpine Lodge evening
Secluded and romantic Minaret Station Alpine Lodge

Suppose your idea of a romantic getaway involves getting away from the crowds. In that case, Minaret Station Alpine Lodge is the place for you. Unfortunately, as the lodge is accessible only by helicopter; it costs more to get there than most people would spend on an entire weekend in Queenstown.

Once you are there, it’s absolutely magnificent but very, very expensive. Despite prices so high, you’ll laugh out loud when you see them; it is actually great value. If you have the means to make it happen, you really should visit at least once.

The experience is exceptional. The lodge is all-inclusive, with all meals and some drinks provided. (If you thoroughly explore the wine list, you’ll need to get your credit card out). The sheer isolation makes it romantic. There are only 4 chalets at Minaret Station, so you’ll hardly see anyone else unless you want to. Each chalet has a private terrace with a hot tub where you can see the incredible southern sky. This is the kind of place you can say, “We’d like to be served dinner in our hot tub, please.” and they will not bat an eyelid.

Activities at Minaret Station are either free or incredibly expensive. Free activities include enjoying the lodge, going for a walk, fishing in the stream. Or they involve a helicopter, heli-skiing, heli-hiking, heli-picnic, heli-biking, heli-fishing. Just pick any sport that rich people like and add a helicopter. Hell for two grand, they’ll also just fly you and your partner up to the top of a hill with a bottle of champagne and fly you back down once it’s empty. Minaret Station is built for the 1%, but if you can find the money to go there, they’ll treat you like a billionaire too. It’s all very romantic.

Azur Lodge

Azur Lodge wine in bath with mountain views
Romantic Hotel room with deep soaking tub at Azur Lodge, Queenstown

What could be more romantic than relaxing in a spa bath with a glass of wine and someone you love while you watch the sun setting on the snow-capped peaks across the lake? Azur Lodge can make that fantasy real; it’s one of the most romantic places to stay in Queenstown. Every suite has a spa bath with a view and a fireplace. It’s not cheap, but the price does include a sumptuous breakfast served in your room (or the dining room if you prefer). Leave the kids at home; this is the perfect couples retreat.

Gibbston Valley Lodge and Spa

Gibbston Valley Lodge and Spa romantic suite
Gibbston Valley Lodge & Spa, romantic queenstown accommodation with a fireplace

Leave the kids at home this Queenstown romantic hotel is an adults-only retreat.. The accommodations are luxurious and very romantic. They have the requisite fireplace in every room, which is a must-have for anyone who wants to get frisky in the winter. The beds are enormous and perfect for more than just sleeping. The hotel has a spa that offers couples massages as well as a range of beauty and relaxation treatments. There’s also a sauna and secluded outdoor hot tubs where you can enjoy a glass of wine while you finger each other under the water.

Gibbston Valley is also a winery which certainly adds to the romantic feel. Especially if you’re a borderline alcoholic with a pattern of behaviour that follows getting drunk with having sex. The food here is fantastic too. Bacchus would be right at home indulging in good food, great wine and all the pleasures of the flesh.

Hulbert House Luxury Boutique Lodge

Hulbert House luxurious & romantic boutique lodge in Queenstown.
Hulbert House luxurious & romantic boutique lodge in Queenstown.

Hulbert House Luxury Boutique Lodge is a really lovely historic house transformed into a boutique lodge. This is a really romantic place to stay for older couples. However, it feels a little kinky for younger couples – like you’re ‘doing it’ in your Grandparents’ bed. A little dirty, a little taboo even. You’ll either love it or hate it.

There’s complimentary breakfast too. Bacon and eggs just like your Nanna would make if you stayed over at her house.

Nugget Point

Romantic Nugget Point Hotel, Queenstown.
Affordable romantic accommodation in Queenstown, Nugget Point.

Nugget Point is a popular mid-priced romantic hotel for couples in Queenstown. Located close to the Onsen Hot Pools (which every couple should visit).

The suites are spacious, with great views of the Shotover River; they’re nicely furnished but not as luxurious as Queenstown’s many higher-end options. Nugget Point has private hot tubs, a pool, and a Sauna. In addition, there’s a fabulous spa offering massage and beauty treatments. Hell, they even have squash courts for the over 50’s. There’s a lot to do nearby in Shotover Street, and it’s only a few minutes drive to downtown Queenstown.

Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel

Queenstown Park secluded  romantic 5 star hotel near Queenstown CBD.
Queenstown Park secluded romantic 5 star hotel near Queenstown CBD.

Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel is a very classy small hotel. It’s luxurious and has some beautiful romantic touches that make it an excellent hotel choice for couples. The floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the park, the bath with a view, and the massive mirror by the bed.

The location is a little quieter than most in central Queenstown, and the hotel is always spotlessly clean. It’s a 5-star hotel, so it’s not cheap, but it is well priced for the quality of accommodation offered. All in all, it’s an excellent choice for a romantic weekend in Queenstown.

The 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Hotel Suites in Queenstown

  1. Eichardt’s Private Hotel
  2. Blanket Bay
  3. Matakauri Lodge
  4. The Spire Hotel
  5. Sofitel Queenstown
  6. Hilton Queenstown Resort Spa
  7. QT Queenstown
  8. The Rees
  9. Stoneridge Lodge
  10. Kamana Lakehouse
Romantic Hotel Room at The Spire Hotel in Queenstown

What makes a great romantic hotel room?

How is it that some hotel rooms immediately set your mind to fantasies? Is it the vast super king bed with fancy Egyptian cotton sheets? The incredible view, with enough privacy that you can leave the curtains open and the lights on? A giant bath built for two with stunning views of mountains and lakes you can enjoy from the tub. A fireplace in the room? A couch by the window? A colossal mirror you can see from the bed? A double shower? A private hot tub or a balcony? A sexy couples massage with a bottle of bubbles followed by some ‘alone time’ in a private lounge. These hotels have all this and more, so grab your special someone and book yourselves in for some seriously a seriously sexy romantic getaway in Queenstown.

Couple enjoying a romantic heli picnic near Queenstown.

Why book a romantic couples getaway to Queenstown?

A great Queenstown romantic hotel will set you back a pretty penny, but it’s totally worth it. Whether it’s your wedding night, your honeymoon, your first wedding anniversary, or your 50th wedding anniversary. Hell, it could just be your birthday or a valentines day surprise. Maybe you’re celebrating a promotion, or perhaps just have an exciting new partner you can’t keep your hands, fingers, lips, tongue off of.

Whatever your reason, leave the kids with their grandparents. Get away from those flatmates. And go somewhere nobody knows you. Where your PDA’s won’t be witnessed by anyone you’ll ever meet again. Make the most of that private hot tub, try something new, and put some spice back into your sex life.

Queenstown’s an exciting town, and you’ll get excited too. You’ll be DTF the second you check-in at one of these sensationally sensual romantic Queenstown Hotels.

Hopefully you’ve found your ultimate couples retreat.

Affordable Hotels for Couples in Queenstown.

Romantic Hotels in Queenstown attract couples from all over the world, and many of them are priced accordingly. For example, the penthouse at Eichardt’s is nearly ten grand a night, and there’s a couple of very romantic lodges that are are over two grand a night. But what about regular young couples who just want to enjoy a sexy weekend in Queenstown but don’t have that kind of cash to splash around. Don’t worry; there are some affordable romantic hotels in Queenstown too. Here’re a few we think are great for couples on a budget. Just don’t expect a huge hotel suite in a 5-star hotel if you have a 3 star budget.

Cheap Romantic Hotels in Queenstown

Perfect for a quick romantic getaway, or a budget honeymoon in Queenstown.

Mi-pad Queenstown

Attractive young woman provocatively sprawled on the bed at Mi pad Hotel in Queenstown
Budget romantic getaway in Queenstown at mi-pad Hotel

Mi-pad Queenstown is a great budget romantic option for younger couples. The hotel is super modern, with all the latest gizmos packed into a tiny, but tastefully decorated room. The bathrooms are tiny too but you do get your own, and they are clean and modern. Because the rooms are so small, they’ve built some really cool communal spaces in the hotel, such as the rooftop terrace. Couples love this smart modern hotel. Perhaps the lack of space adds to the romance for young lovers?

Mercure Queenstown Resort

Mercure Queenstown Resort budget couples hotel room with lake view
Mercure Queenstown Resort budget couples hotel room with lake view

Mercure Queenstown Resort is a great big bed in a small room overlooking Lake Wakatipu, and frankly, if you’re 23 that’s all you need for romance. There are no parents or flatmates to hear what you’re doing. It’s clean; and probably nicer than your flat. The view’s great (pay the extra and get a lake view room). There’s a restaurant and bar, and the hotel has a pool and hot tub too. It’s hardly the most romantic Queenstown Hotel, but it’ll do for a quick, inexpensive couples’ break.

Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown

Romantic Lake views from Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown hotel room
Romantic Lake views from Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown hotel room

Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown is perfect for couples looking for romance on a budget. If you want to try doing it on the balcony, book a Lake View King on a high floor. It’s private enough from the other balconies, but you might get a few whistles from people on the street.

Rydges offers great views in a great location. It’s not exactly luxurious, but it is affordable and perfect for couples.

Queenstown Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway Activities

Queenstown’s a romantic playground for couples, crammed full of seductive activities perfect for unforgettable dates during your getaway. Catering to all budgets, the offerings range from luxury experiences like helicopter picnics, to more affordable yet equally enchanting pursuits such as romantic strolls by the lake or cozy star-gazing sessions. Soak in the serene beauty of Lake Wakatipu, get your adrenaline pumping on the Shotover Jet, or bask in the opulence of Queenstown’s romantic boutique hotels. Discover more by visiting our Romantic Things to Do in Queenstown page and start planning the perfect romantic adventure.

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