Jet Boating in Queenstown

KJet Jet Boat

Jet Boating is a must do activity when visiting Queenstown. It’s absolutely thrilling, and suitable for almost anyone to enjoy. So find the right operator and book a ride for you and your family. It’s a great way to see the lakes and rivers, a fun way to transport yourself around AND/OR a terrifying thrill ride.

  • Skippers Canyon Jet
    Skippers Canyon Jet is the most extreme Jet Boat ride on offer in Queenstown. Even the bus ride into the canyon is terrifying. Like Shotover Canyon but narrower, and harder to get to to. This is a true adventure and not for the faint of heart. Or those who are scared of heights. The boat reaches speeds of 80 kph which doesn’t sound much until you see how narrow it gets.
  • Go Orange
    Go Orange operates from the Steamer wharf in Queenstown so no need to bus anywhere. It’s just straight into the boat and away. Go Orange Jet Boating Experiences come in 25 minute or 60 minute. If you can go the 60 minutes as you have more time for the fun stuff. With boats leaving every 1/2 hour you’ll find a way to fit this into your day.
  • KJet
    KJet is the original jet boat experience in Queenstown. They’ve been offer commercial Jet Boat rides since 1958. KJet operate a fleet of 8 Jet Boats so are able to offer private charters, and even Airport transfers, as well as offering regular thrill rides from their Queenstown base.
  • Shotover Jet
    The Shotover Jet is one of the oldest and best jet boat experiences in Queenstown. They’ve been terrifying tourists since 1965. Offering exhilarating rides through the Shotover Canyon reaching speeds of over 85 kph. Shotover Jet is the only operator with access to the Shotover Canyon.

Jet Boating in Queenstown

Jet Boating has been one of Queenstown’s top tourist activities since 1958 when Kawarau Jet Services first started taking passengers. The Hamilton Jet was invented in New Zealand to allow boats to travel up rivers. It quickly took off in Queenstown. Where commercial Jet boats were taking holiday makers for thrill rides just 4 years after the propulsion system was invented. Queenstown really is the home of Jet Boating, so, there’s no better place in the world to take a ride in a Jet Boat.

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