Skippers Canyon Jet

Skippers Canyon Jet

Skippers Canyon Jet

Skippers Canyon Jet is the most extreme Jet Boat ride on offer in Queenstown. Even the bus ride into the canyon is terrifying. The Jet Boat ride itself is like Shotover Canyon Jet but narrower, scarier, and more exciting to get to. This is a true adventure and not for the faint of heart. Or those who are scared of heights. The boat reaches speeds of 80 kph, which doesn’t sound much until you see how narrow it gets.

The actual Jet Boat ride is 30 minutes, but it’s a 3-hour activity as there’s a bus in and out, which sounds like it’s just transport, but parts of it are as spectacular and terrifying as the boat ride. Because you take a bus to get to the boat the entire boat ride is in the Canyons. Jet Boats that start in Queenstown spend most of the time getting to and from the fun stuff. At Skippers Canyon, it’s almost all fun. (if your idea of fun is hurtling through a narrow canyon at high speeds).

I would recommend this for couples, and families with teenagers.

Skippers Canyon Jet Boat
Skippers Canyon Jet narrow canyon
Skippers Canyon Jet hurtles through a narrow canyon.
Skippers Canyon Jet drifting

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