Romantic Things To Do in Queenstown

Romantic Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar Queenstown

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand’s prime destination for couples seeking a mix of tranquillity, beauty, and adventure. As the ultimate lovebirds’ retreat, this town is the perfect setting for an unforgettable romantic getaway. Whether you’re celebrating a steamy honeymoon, planning a passionate escapade, or sneaking away for a naughty weekend, Queenstown has you covered.

Nestled amidst picturesque mountains and the serene beauty of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown offers a unique blend of the wild allure of nature and luxurious comfort. From dawn’s gentle light to the star-studded canvas of the night sky, the town’s captivating landscape sets the stage for romance at every corner.

This is where the hearts of thrill-seekers race on the Shotover Jet, wine lovers find intoxication in the rich vineyards, and foodies discover seduction in the gourmet dining scene. Luxuriate in the exclusive privacy of the Onsen Hot Pools, soak in the mesmerising views from the Stratosfare Restaurant, or create your own romantic tale within the opulence of Queenstown’s romantic boutique hotels.

But what are the secrets that make this town a lovers’ paradise? What are those loved-up couples doing to ignite their passion and keep the flame burning? Let’s delve into the experiences that have secured Queenstown’s fame as New Zealand’s most sought-after couples getaway.

Here’s a couple of couple things to do in Queenstown

Get a little steamy at Onsen Hot Pools

Romantic Onsen hot pool Queenstown NZ
Onsen hot pool is a must do activity for couples in Queenstown

This is the must do couples activity in Queenstown. You’ll need to book it months in advance, so don’t just rock up thinking you’ll have a quick spa. But an hour here is magical. It’s such a beautiful location and totally private. You can order drinks to take in with you. And best of all it’s great in any weather.

Titillating views at Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar

Romantic Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar Queenstown

Located at the top of the Skyline Gondola Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar is one of the most romantic spots in Queenstown. Come for dinner and make sure your there for sunset, so you can see the view by day and by night. After your romantic dinner and few drinks get a little frisky in the Gondola on the way back down. It’s a great evening, and something you’ll remember forever.

Ride the Waves of Passion on TSS Earnslaw

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown
A cruise on the TSS Earnslaw is a popular couples activity in Queenstown.

Couples love this activity. Take a cruise on Lake Wakatipu and have a bbq lunch a few drinks and play a little Titanic at the front of the boat. The views are stunning in every direction, it’s so romantic you’ll probably have to race back to your hotel for a quickie the second the boat docks.

Get liquored up: Wine Tasting Adventures in Queenstown

Romantic Wine Tasting in Queenstown
Wine tasting a a great date idea in Queenstown

Depending on exactly how much wine you intend to ‘taste’ you can either drive your self (not recommended) or book a tour. Booking a tour is way better as then you can both enjoy the afrodesiac effect of the wine.

Get Your Hearts Racing on the Shotover Jet

Shotover Jet
Shotover Jet is a must do activity in Queenstown.

Get the blood pumping and perhaps even get a little wet Jet Boating on the Shotover Jet. This is an adrenaline ride you can do together, and it’s actually a real bonding experience. Cheating death together brings a couple together. More arousing than romantic, but still perfect for couples.

Book a Room With a View of the Lake.

Romantic Weekend Getaway at Azur Lodge Queenstown
Romantic room with a view at Azur Lodge Queenstown

Queenstown has some magnificently romantic hotels. This stunning view is from Azur Lodge which is one of the sexiest places to stay in Queenstown. With a suite like that there’s plenty of activities you can do without even leaving the room.

Make Love by the Fire

The Spire Hotel romantic room with fireplace
Romantic accommodation with a fireplace at The Spire Hotel, Queenstown.

if you are not lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom at home then book a hotel room with a fireplace in Queenstown. There’s nothing more romantic than turning out all the lights and doing it by firelight. It’s flattering as well the warm glow makes anyone look hot. The room pictured is at the sensational Spire Hotel in the heart of town. It’s one of the most romantic hotels in Queenstown.

The Helicopter Picnic Date of Your Dreams

Helicopter picnic
The ultimate couples date activity in Queenstown is a helicopter picnic

This is the ultimate date, you’ll both remember it forever. It’s a helicopter tour with gourmet lunch. Starting in Queenstown it takes 3 and 1/2 hours. It’s very VERY expensive, but you can’t put a price on love. You’ll see the West Coast, all of Milford Sound, Sutherland Falls, Lake Quinn, and land on a Glacier, then stop for a gourmet picnic lunch with wine in a scenic mountain location.

Intimate Interludes at Moke Lake

Romantic Moke Lake
Romantic Moke Lake

Leave the hustle and bustle of Queenstown behind and find your own private paradise with a romantic stroll around Moke Lake. Just a short drive away, this hidden gem is the perfect spot to indulge in some secluded seduction. Pack a picnic and let the natural beauty of the lake, bathed in the golden glow of sunrise or sunset, serve as your love nest. Don’t forget the blanket – things could get steamy!

Go Star Gazing

Stargazing in Queenstown
Couples love star gazing in Queenstown

Prepare for a night of breathtaking beauty and intimate moments with a stargazing experience in Queenstown. The Southern Sky, with its dazzling array of stars, is sure to sweep you off your feet.

There’s an undeniable allure in the contrast of the dark night sky and the bright sparkling stars, largely unspoiled by light pollution. The Southern Hemisphere’s sky is even more spellbinding, teeming with more stars than its northern counterpart.

While the supreme stargazing experience might be a 3-hour drive away in Mt Aspiring, you need not travel that far. The Skyline Gondola offers awe-inspiring stargazing tours just a short walk from the top of the gondola – perfect for a cozy date night.

As the night chill sets in, you’ll find yourselves huddling closer together, sharing body heat and perhaps a few whispered sweet nothings. And as you lay there, nestled in each other’s arms under the mesmerizing night sky, you’ll realize just how romantic and intimate stargazing in Queenstown can be.

Book a Sensual Couples Massage

Sensual couples massage at Nugget Point
Sensual couples massage at Nugget Point

Book a couples massage. This one is at Nugget Point Spa but there are actually plenty of amazing spa hotels in Queenstown for you and your partner to enjoy. There’s nothing more sensual and relaxing than a good massage, you’ll be in the mood for some lovin the second you get back to your room. It’s the perfect daytime date idea in Queenstown.

Seduction on a Plate: Amisfield Bistro

Amisfield Bistro Queenstown
Amisfield Bistro fine dining in Queenstown

Queenstown has many romantic fine dining restaurants, but none better than the magnificent Amisfield Bistro. Located at the Amisfield Winery in Lake Hayes this is as good as gets in Queenstown. Trust the Chef with a 7 course degustation lunch or dinner. Dining at Amisfield is not just a meal , it’s a date night experience you’ll remember for years.

Get Stirred and Shaken: Queenstown’s Sexy Cocktail Scene

Cocktails at The Spire Hotel
Couple love cocktails at The Spire Hotel

My favourite place for cocktails in Queenstown is the bar at The Spire Hotel it’s one of the most romantic in Queenstown. But the Eichardt’s bar makes a wicked cocktail too. For something a little different head to Arrowtowns famous Blue Door Bar. Late night you can’t beat The Bunker in central Queenstown.

Steamy Soirees: Enjoy a Bath With a View in Queenstown

Azur Lodge Queenstown Luxury Hotel with romantic bath
Couples love sharing a romantic bath at Azur Lodge Queenstown

You don’t have to head out for a drink. Infact on a couples getaway you really should find a hotel that has a bath with a view, order a bottle or two of your favourite tipple and play a little splash and tickle. No need to go anywhere. This magnificent bath is at Azur Lodge.

In Summary: Top Couple Things To Do in Queenstown

  1. Onsen Hot Pools: Book in advance for a private, magical hour in these scenic hot pools.
  2. Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar: Enjoy titillating views and a romantic dinner at the top of the Skyline Gondola.
  3. TSS Earnslaw Cruise: Immerse in stunning views on Lake Wakatipu and play out your Titanic fantasies.
  4. Wine Tasting Adventures: Book a tour to safely indulge in the aphrodisiac effects of Queenstown’s rich wines.
  5. Shotover Jet: Get your adrenaline pumping together on this exhilarating jet boat ride.
  6. Azur Lodge: Book a romantic room with a stunning lake view in one of Queenstown’s sexiest lodges.
  7. Spire Hotel: Make love by the warm glow of a cozy fire in this romantic hotel.
  8. Helicopter Picnic Date: Splurge on this unforgettable date that includes a helicopter tour and gourmet lunch.
  9. Moke Lake: Enjoy a secluded, romantic stroll and a picnic at this hidden gem.
  10. Stargazing: Share intimate moments under the breathtaking Southern Sky.
  11. Nugget Point Spa: Book a sensual couples massage for a relaxing and intimate experience.
  12. Amisfield Bistro: Enjoy a memorable date night with a seven-course degustation meal.
  13. Queenstown’s Sexy Cocktail Scene: Sample the city’s best cocktails at The Spire Hotel, Eichardt’s bar, Blue Door Bar, or The Bunker.
  14. Azur Lodge Bath: Enjoy a steamy soiree in a bath with a view at Azur Lodge.

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