Snow Farm

Cross Country Skiing at Snow Farm

Snow Farm Cross Country Ski Area

55 kms of Trails
3 Backcountry Huts
Cross Country Skiing

Dog Sledding

Wanakas’ Snow Farm is the place to go for cross country skiing in New Zealand. With 55 km of trails for you to explore. Snow Farm is run by a charitable trust and while the experience is every bit as good as you’d expect from a commercial operator the pricing is considerably more reasonable. They can set you up with all the equipment you need to cross country ski or snowshoe. And they have instructors if you want to start with a lesson.

Snow Farm also has 3 backcountry huts which offer accommodation. You can ski to the huts stay overnight and ski back. It’s an awesome experience. (It’s not a luxury hotel though – It’s a hut). Obviously the huts need to be booked in advance.

Snow Farm is also the place for Dog Sledding, You can also buy a pass for your dog if he wants to run with you while you ski. It’s also the place to use your Snow Kite if you want to get into kite skiing.

snow farm trail map
Backcountry Hut at Snow Farm
Sled Dog at Meadow Hut Snow Farm

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