Harris Mountains Heli-Ski

Harris Mountains Heli-Ski

Harris Mountains Heli-Ski Terrain

11 Mountain Ranges
Over 200 Peaks
3000 square kilometres

Harris Mountain Heli-Ski are the pioneers of heli-skiing in New Zealand. They can take riders of any level and find suitable terrain for you to have the best day of your life. From terrifying chutes, to long sheltered bowls. Harris Mountain Heli-Ski will take you to the deepest powder available to suit your ability.

People often think heli-skiing is only for the pros, but it’s actually great for skiers and boarders of any level. Many of Queenstown wealthiest visitors simply hang about in their luxury hotel or lodge waiting for a powder day then book a helicopter and make the most of the fresh snow well away from the crowds that cover Queenstown’s ski resorts.

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