Wanaka Farmers Market

Free range grass fed beef about to end up in the Wanaka Farmers Market
Free range grass fed beef about to end up in the Wanaka Farmers Market

Visit Wanaka Farmers Market

The Wanaka Farmers Market is great for foodies of all ages. It’s held every Thursday and runs from 3 PM till 6. Best of all, the Wanaka Farmers Market runs year-round. So you can get your organic, heirloom vegetables straight from the grower even in the dead of winter. Unless of course, you’re still skiing. During the warmer months, the Farmers Market is open on Sundays too. When it runs together with the equally stupendous arts and crafts market. So, pick yourself up some sweet macrame gloves or perhaps some handmade possum fur earmuffs. And it doesn’t stop there; other delights on offer include wood-turned bowls, local wine, even foraged nuts. I once knew a girl who was constantly foraging for nuts. She didn’t really like eating them but would always grab them when she saw them.

You’ll find the market conveniently located next to Speights Alehouse. And it would be rude not to stop for a cheeky handle or two and perhaps meet some of the local nut foragers. 

I love the Wanaka Farmers Market because it’s a great way to get your mitts on the seasonal market produce that’s usually only served up in the best Queenstown Hotels. I’m also rather fond of the fresh pastries.

The incredible food and produce stalls showcase the best of the local foodie scene. Wanaka may not be the biggest town in New Zealand, but it has a fantastic range of artisan producers selling everything from fresh seasonal locally grown fruit and vegetables, the finest grass-fed free-range meats, as well as delicious baked goods, preserves, wine, cheese and everything you can make from Central Otago’s finest produce. If you love a nice juicy peach, December is the best time to visit. However, if you just want to get your hands on some nice warm nuts, then winter is the time to come.

Wanaka Farmers Market is a popular romantic activity for couples staying in Queenstown.

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